Vacancy № 12

Language knowledge:
German - basic level

General information about the program:

Growing of vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, berries or work on mixed farms and in horticulture

The internship lasts 4 months (possible departure in March, April, June, May, June, July, August and September).

We can also offer a 12-month program with possible extension
Months (for vegetable growing - departure only in February, March, April; for cattle, mixed farms and
Field work - from April to September each month).

In the internship program of 12-18 months, it is mandatory to participate in a three-week training course (paid by the intern) and two-week seminars.

During training and seminars, the trainee receives a full scholarship.

The farmer's family provides the trainee with a separate room with all necessary items, including meals with the family.

Provided by the Swiss side and includes insurance for the entire period of practice (accident, illness, etc.).

Duration of the working week: an average of 50-60 hours.

Requirements for candidates:

• Student or graduate of an agricultural school
• Driver's license for a car (on request - for a tractor)
• Basic knowledge of German (compulsory interview)
• Age from 18 to 30 years