Vacancy № 111

12 € / hour brutto
Spring - Summer
Language knowledge:
Basic level of English or German

Carsten Farms

Growing, harvesting, sorting and packaging of organic carrots

Duration of practice - from May 15 to August 12 (maximum 90 days including road)

Number of working days per week:

• 6 days a week;

• an average of 10 hours a day;

• Saturday is a short working day, Sunday and public holidays are days off.


Accommodation in three-room modern apartments 5-6 kilometers from the farm (car provided to get to work).
Accommodation fee is charged from the salary - 6 euros per day.
In use a refrigerator with a small freezer, dishwasher, Internet, shower and shared kitchen.

Requirements for candidates:

• biometric passport and not be in the Schengen countries for the previous 3 months before the date of departure;
• basic level of English or German;
• be a current non-graduate student (specialty does not matter)
• each student is obliged to observe 90 days of stay in the Schengen area (88 days on the farm and 2 days on the road)