Vacancy № 110

from 1500 up to 2100 € monthly
All year round

General information about the program:

- placement takes place on a farm for growing livestock and crop products
- 37-hour work week
- All trainees are given days off - usually every other week

Duration of internship:
6-12 months


Most accommodation and meals are separate from the farmer's family.
Each intern has a separate room. If there are several interns on the farm - a kitchen, living room, bathroom and dressing room for them.

If there is one trainee on the farm - accommodation and meals
provided, as a rule, in the house where the farmer's host family lives or in another dwelling on the farm.
The trainee is provided with his own room with all the necessary furniture for living.


• for interns up to 25 years
From 1 to 6 months - 1500 euros per month
From 7 to 12 months - 1750 euros per month • for interns over 25 years
From 1 to 6 months - 1500 euros per month (1300 euros after taxes)
From 7 to 12 months - 2100 euros per month (1600 euros after taxes)

all payments are gross - before taxes

Students are entitled to 5 weeks of leave during the year, leave is 12% of salary.


• be a current student of veterinary, zooengineering, agronomic, biological
technological faculties of the Agrarian University or technical school

• age from 19 to 29 inclusive • knowledge of English at the A2 level - KET or IELTS certificate

• have at least 6 months of practical experience in your chosen field