Vacancy 41

12,41 € / hour brutto
3 months
Language knowledge:
Basic knowledge of German

Ernst Farm

Mixing feed and feeding; milking; assisting a veterinarian; general care after cows

Duration of practice - from January 24 to March 20 (maximum 90 days including road)

Number of working days per week:

• 6 days a week;

• an average of 10 hours a day;

• Two days off every other week


Accommodation in modern well-equipped rooms on the farm is provided free of charge.
Students get a lift to the city every week, they prepare their own meals

Requirements for candidates:

• biometric passport and not be in the Schengen countries for the previous 3 months before the date of departure;
• basic level of German and previous work experience in dairy;
• be a current non-graduate student (specialty does not matter)
• each student is obliged to observe 90 days of stay in the Schengen area (88 days on the farm and 2 days on the road)