New immigration program for Ukrainians

A new immigration program for Ukrainians will start on October 23, 2023, and the Canadian government has finally published details about it.

Therefore, two categories of applicants can apply:

1. Family member of a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
If you are a Ukrainian, are in Canada at the time of application and are a relative of a permanent resident or citizen of Canada - this is your chance. Applicants can be a spouse or civil partner, a child (regardless of age), a grandchild, parents, grandparents, as well as a brother/sister, relatives or consanguineous (that is, those who share only one parent). It is important that the relative who acts as your sponsor is over 18 years old and that he himself has not obtained permanent resident status through the same program.

2. The husband/wife or civil partner of a citizen of Ukraine who is currently unable to leave Ukraine, has disappeared, died or is presumed dead, but is himself a family member of a permanent resident or citizen of Canada (as in category 1).

Sounds confusing, right? Let's analyze the second category using an example.

We have a Ukrainian couple - the wife is currently in Canada, but has no close relatives there. And the husband could not leave Ukraine, but he has a mother in Canada who has already received the status of a permanent resident through another immigration program. Thus, the wife will be able to apply for this program under the sponsorship of her mother-in-law.

More details will be released after the program launches on October 23.