Germany to increase social assistance to refugees

There is good news for the Ukrainian refugees in Germany.

Starting June, Ukrainians seeking protection from the war in Germany will be provided with a better level of social protection and job search support.

This is provided by a government bill, which will soon be considered by the Bundestag.

Until now, refugees from Ukraine have received social assistance under the Asylbewerbungsleistungsgesetz, which, depending on the place of residence, amounted to just over € 300 per month for an adult and slightly less for minors.

Starting from June 1, Ukrainians who have received a residence permit in accordance with § 24 of the Law on the Stay of Foreigners will receive social assistance same as received by German unemployed. The basic adult benefit rate is 449 euros (Regelsatz Arbeitslosengeld II).
Relevant changes will be possible after the Bundestag soon considers the bill approved on April 27 by the federal government.

The government has allocated two billion euros for the social protection of the Ukrainian refugees.